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Have a question? Want to learn more about our amazing products?

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions,

accompanied by our thorough, sometimes silly, answers.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us.

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"OK, seriously now...  What exactly is this Walkabout thing?"

Walkabout Carriers are marching carriers designed specifically for electronic musical instruments.  

It's basically a user-wearable musical instrument stand with its own battery supply.

So now, instead being stuck behind the instrument stand, you're free to walk about.

And when used with a wireless system (either RF audio or MIDI) you're cable free!

How much does it weigh?

We have two Walkabout Carrier models:  The Pathfinder and the Trailblazer.

The Walkabout Pathfinder carrier is designed for electronic musical instruments

that have internal battery power, like portable keyboards, and weighs just 8 lbs./3.6 kg.


The Walkabout Trailblazer carrier, our battery powered model, is designed for

electronic musical instruments that normally require AC power from the wall socket.

The Walkabout Trailblazer weighs approx. 12-14 lbs./5.4-6.3 kg. (Depending upon which Trailblazer model)

Is it plastic... or what?

No.  Actually Walkabout Carriers are made of aluminum.  Super high quality aluminum in fact!

We use the same aluminum and fastening (nuts & bolts) technology in commercial aircraft. 

This makes for an incredibly lightweight, and extremely durable carrier that will last for decades.

Ok... So is that paint... or what?

Walkabout Carriers are powder coat painted for a durable, scratch resistant, long lasting finish.

Powder coat is sprayed onto the parts and then they're literally baked onto the surface of the metal.

The powder coat paint process is used in off-road vehicles, and in industrial, and aerospace applications

so it's tried and trusted for its durability and longevity so you know it's hard core.

What colors do you have?

Our standard off-the-shelf colors are matte black (slightly textured) , and gloss white (light sheen).

And since Walkabout Carriers are powder coat painted, the range of colors and finishes will blow your mind!

There is a literal rainbow of thousands of colors and finishes like -

textured, gloss, heavy metallic, sparkle pony, hammertone... you name it we can do that.

We can even match your school or institutions color scheme! Check that out!

All custom colors are available at an additional cost of course, but how cool would that be?

So where does the power come from?

Once again, we currently have two Walkabout Carrier models:  The Pathfinder and the Trailblazer.

The Walkabout Pathfinder carrier, which is designed for electronic musical instruments

that have internal battery power, like AAA, AA, B, C, D cells for a portable keyboard. 

And then there's our exciting flagship product, the Walkabout Trailblazer carrier,

our battery powered model, which is designed for electronic musical instruments

that normally have an AC adapter/power supply that plugs into the wall power socket.

In this case, the power for your electronic musical instrument comes from our proprietary

battery box where you'll find a battery and inverter combo to provide safe, reliable power.

We provide a 12 volt, 5-6 amp hour rechargeable battery, and a 150 watt inverter to support

the power needs of one single instrument by way of a DC to AC inverter

which has one U.S. standard three prong AC outlet, and two USB power outputs. 

The battery and inverter are located in one of our proprietary battery boxes

that has a seat for the battery itself, and the inverter secured to one of the walls

inside the battery box, where your AC adapter plugs into just like your wall AC outlet,

so your controller receives exactly the power your electronic musical instrument requires. 

Ok ok blah blah blah... What can I carry on a Walkabout?

Well...  Let's see...  Pretty much ANY electronic musical instrument! (EMI).





You see at Walkabout Carriers, our mission is to help musicians mobilize their

electronic musical instruments by means of battery power and wireless technology.

Now it's time for electronic musicians to experience the freedom of mobility

that battery power and wireless technology provide with a Walkabout Trailblazer Carrier!

Cool!... Ok so how does my EMI attach to the carrier?

Great question!  It's really simple actually.

In the case of electronic percussion, and keyboard percussion controllers,

we have numerous mounting brackets custom designed specifically

 for many popular electronic percussion controllers.  (Trailblazer)

So your EPI/EMI's literally bolt on to the Walkabout Trailblazer Carrier

just as it would a mounting bracket on a stationary instrument stand.

In the case of electronic keyboards, and various controllers that

have a mostly flat bottom surfaces that do not bolt on to a mounting bracket,

all of these EMI's are mounted onto our flat surfaced "Keyboard Shelf"

 (for either Pathfinder or Trailblazer)

upon which we attach the controllers with VELCRO

That's right.  Sticky back velcro.  And lot's of it!

Now this may seem concerning to certain people and we get that.

But I tell ya what... This sh*t came out of the US Space Program 

and if it works for NASA or other super hard core industrial and aerospace applications, 

andit *should work to keep your instrument securely mounted to the carrier.

Just sayin'...

In fact we provide generous strips of adhesive backed velcro hook and loop

fastener when you purchase any carrier with any Keyboard or DJ Shelf. 

And when properly installed on both the Walkabout Carrier mounting surface

and corresponding bottom surface of your controller of choice,

 that sucker isn't going anywhere!  

So your EMI is securely fastened to the carrier.

(We'll show you how. Don't worry. Check out the User's Guides page)

Our Keyboard shelves are available in

a 12"wide x 6"deep Narrow Keyboard Shelf


a 12"w x 10" deep Standard Keyboard Shelf 


we have similar shelves designed for DJ and Surface controllers! 

( *By the way...  just want to note...

Walkabout Carriers, Inc. is NOT responsible for damage to your electronic musical instrument.

Our products, by nature, offer a more comprehensive LIVE MUSIC EXPERIENCE in a more dynamic environment

that would be normally experienced by use on a stationary musical instrument stand. 

Please use with all safety advice in mind, proper preparation, and always at your own risk. )

Ok so where's does the sound go... or come from?

Great question!  

The Walkabout Carrier concept is designed to eliminate ALL the cables!

So we prefer that you guys use wireless systems so that there are no cables.

We know some people just want to plug it in to an amp with a cable like a guitar,

but come on man.  I get it.  That's cool.  But wouldn't you really prefer the freedom

to be absolutely CABLE FREE?!  Cable free is the way to be baby!  Seriously now.

So assuming you're using an audio wireless transmitter system like for an electric guitar,

the output(s) of your EMI plug into the wireless transmitter.  

Then the wireless receiver picks up the signal. The output of the receiver is then 

patched or plugged into the input of your amplifier or PA system.  

And Voila!...  That's French for 'there it is!'

You're good... to go Walkabout!


MIDI and Bluetooth wireless systems are also available,

but please consider all ramifications of their use with your EMI, 

ie: wireless range, latency, complexity of set up etc.


But you're smart enough to already have it figured out in your mind.

Right?... Am I right?... Thought so.  Good on ya mate!



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