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At Walkabout Carriers, our mission is to help musicians mobilize their electronic musical instruments using our uniquely designed musical instrument carriers, battery power, and wireless technology. 


Most electronic musical instruments  are placed on a stand, plugged into power, and cabled up to an amp or P.A.   You could jam out in one place, but you  couldn't roam around the stage or the club, or even among the audience because you were stuck

in the rear behind all your gear. 


  Many electronic keyboardists, drummers and percussionists know this all too well. 


Walkabout Carriers are designed specifically for electronic musical instruments, using both battery power, and wireless systems to eliminate the stationary stand, cut cables, and set you free for live music performance.  

Now you can literally wear

your keyboard, synthesizer,

electronic percussion controller,

and even DJ controllers! 


Whether you're an individual player, school band, drum line, finger drummer, DJ, or a busker...

we have a solution for you!  


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Walkabout Trailblazer for Roland HPD20 Handsonic.jpeg