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Our Unique Design

Walkabout Carriers are not your grandpa's marching carriers!

Our unique products are designed specifically for electronic musical instruments

and intended to provide long lasting quality that you expect for your investment.

Aircraft Aluminum

Walkabout Carriers are made of aircraft quality aluminum, not plastic!  We use the same materials and fastening hardware as used in commercial aircraft

for a super strong, and long lasting product. 

We use the highest quality materials available

to build a product designed for comfort and durability.

Sheet Metal parts.jpeg

Powder Coat Paint

Walkabout Carriers are powder coat painted for a durable, scratch resistant finish. This type of paint is sprayed on each part as a powder, then baked in to the surface of the metal like glaze on ceramics.  Powder coat paint comes in a veritable plethora of colors and finishes.  We can match your school, institution, or brand colors for an extra special paint treatment (at an additional cost of course)

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