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Pathfinder video

Pathfinder Carrier

Non battery powered carrier harness

The Walkabout "PATHFINDER" carrier has no battery supply yet is designed to comfortably carry most electronic musical instruments such as portable keyboards, keyboard controllers, synthesizers, control surface devices and or rhythm machines.

(As long as the instrument you intend to use has its own internal battery power supply like AA, AAA, B, C or D)


The Walkabout Pathfinder has

a few basic 'shelf' brackets.

The 6" Keyboard Shelf bracket (6"d x 12"w)

is designed for electronic musical instruments

that are more narrow such as most

simple keyboard controllers

or perhaps a lap steel guitar.

The 10" Keyboard shelf bracket (10"d x12"w) is designed for most square or rectangular shaped electronic musical instruments and controllers.  Everything from wider keyboard controllers and synths, to various DJ and surface controllers.

*Coming soon!

A wider rectangular bracket designed

specifically for most DJ controllers!



The Pathfinder Carriers weighs just 8 lbs/3.6 kg

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