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Pathfinder video


(non battery-powered' carrier)

The Walkabout Pathfinder carrier

is designed for

electronic musical instruments

with internal battery supply*

(*AA, AAA, B, C or D)

like many portable keyboards,

keyboard controllers,

some synthesizers,

and rhythm machines.

The Walkabout Pathfinder

comes with either:

The 6" Keyboard Shelf

(6"d x 12"w)

designed for narrow

electronic musical instruments

like keyboard controllers

or lap steel guitars.


The 10" Keyboard shelf

(10"d x 12"w)

designed for 'boxier' 

electronic musical instruments

like deeper keyboards, synths,

rhythm machines (Akai MPC)

and many DJ controllers!

The Walkabout Pathfinder carrier is ideally used

with a wireless system

(either audio or MIDI wireless)

to eliminate the all the cables.


The Pathfinder Carriers weighs

approximately 8 lbs. / 3.6 kg


Starting at

$495.00 MSRP*

Plus FREE Shipping

to the lower 48!

New Product

coming soon!

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