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Pathfinder video


Our 'non battery-powered' carrier

The Walkabout Pathfinder carrier has no battery supply and is designed for electronic musical instruments with internal battery supply*

(*AA, AAA, B, C or D)

like many portable keyboards,

keyboard controllers, some synthesizers,

and rhythm machines.

The Walkabout Pathfinder comes with either:

The 6" Keyboard Shelf (6"d x 12"w)

designed for narrow

electronic musical instruments

like keyboard controllers

or lap steel guitars.


The 10" Keyboard shelf (10"d x12"w)

designed for 'boxier' 

electronic musical instruments

like deeper keyboards, synths,

rhythm machines (Akai MPC)

and many DJ controllers!



The Pathfinder Carriers weighs just 8 lbs/3.6 kg

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