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This Walkabout Trailblazer Carrier (Demo unit) is our battery powered carrier designed for multipad electronic percussion controllers - in this case the Alesis Strike or Strike Pro.  The Trailblazer for multipads uses a universal mounting bracket to accommodate other electronic multipads using the same universal mount bolt pattern like - Yamaha, Alesis, DrumKAT, etc.


"Demo" means used for demonstration purposes at trade shows etc. Generally in great condition, but maybe has some slight scratches or minor cosmetic flaws like a dent or scratch in the foam padding.  Otherwise, the carrier listed is fully functional but now available at a steep discount due to its status as a demo unit.


Walkabout carriers are made of aircraft quality aluminum so they're super strong and lightweight.  This Trailblazer weighs approximately 14 lbs with the battery in place.  


All of our carriers are powder coat painted for a durable finish. 

This carrier is painted in a limited addition, fancy show color - Candy Raspberry Metallic!


This special carrier has been used at a demo unit for various trade shows in recent years.   There are some minor surface scratches and minor wear and tear so it's noted for sale as a "Used Demo Unit" condition.  Also, the holes on the mounting bracket have been bored out to allow for easier mounting.  This was a prototype used for trade shows so this is one of the acknowledged imperfections that result in a drastic price reduction. Thanks! 


Each Trailblazer carrier comes complete with our TOOLKIT: 

containing TWO 12 volt 6ah rechargeable batteries,  one battery charger, one battery tester, adjustments tools and the User's Guide.


The battery charge varies depending upon the electronic musical instrument in use, but typically each battery charge lasts up to 3 to 4 hours of use before needing to switch to the back up battery.  That's why we provide you with TWO batteries!  So you'll always have a back up to keep entertaining. 


PLEASE NOTE:  Walkabout Carriers just sells the CARRIER HARNESS at this time.


The CONTROLLER is NOT included, nor for sale with this offer.


USED DEMO UNIT! - Walkabout Trailblazer battery powered carrier (designed for the multi-pad electronic percussion controllers)  




  •     One Walkabout Trailblazer Carrier - Demo unit
  •     Powder coat painted Candy Raspberry Metallic!
  •     Made of aircraft quality aluminum - 14 lbs./6.3 kg

*        TOOLBOX - with all of the following: 

  Two - 12 volt (5ah) rechargeable SLA batteries

          Battery charger 

  Battery tester 

          Adjustment tools - 7/16 inch nut driver, combo wrench. 

Walkabout Trailblazer User's Guide. 


* FREE dedicated AC power adapter for Alesis Strike Multipad!



*$995.00 RETAIL VALUE for entire package.


JUST $495!










PLEASE CONTACT US with any questions 


BEFORE making any purchase!





We preassemble, and test each carrier before shipping.   We try to make the assembly as easy as possible.  


We also provided you with the literal tools you will need. You will just need to unpack the carrier and follow the assembly instructions included with the carrier in the User's Guide.   


The PDF of the User's Guide is also available on our website. 


We are also available to assist you if necessary.  


Thank you for your interest in Walkabout Carriers!


We appreciate your business! 

Trailblazer for Alesis Strike Multipad (not included)

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