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Trailblazer video

Walkabout "Trailblazer"

Our flagship

battery-powered carrier!

The Walkabout Trailblazer is our flagship battery-powered carrier, designed to

provide safe, consistent power to

your keyboard, synthesizer, or

electronic percussion controller

(that has no internal battery supply.)  


If your instrument or controller

requires an AC adapter, then

the Walkabout Trailblazer

is the way to go. 


Our proprietary battery box design,

includes a DC/AC inverter and

a 12 volt rechargeable battery.  

This combination provides a safe,

stable source of power for your

electronic musical instrument

or other controller. 

The Walkabout Trailblazer carrier is 

ideally used with a wireless system

(either audio or MIDI wireless)

to eliminate the all the cables

to set you FREE to perform

and entertain without limitations.

Think of it as a user-wearable

musical instrument stand

with its own power supply. 

The Walkabout Trailblazer

weighs just 14 lbs/6.3 kg.


Each Walkabout Trailblazer 

comes with our TOOLKIT:

TWO, 12 volt rechargeable batteries,

a battery charger,

a battery tester,

adjustment tools,

some spare washers,

and a user's guide

all in a convenient tool box

to carry your gear from

home to gig and back.



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Trailblazer HPD20 WHT AB 1.jpeg
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